Get ready for a truly unique journey with ASCEND Television. From the peaks of the Alps to the Peruvian Sechura Desert, nowhere is too remote and no adventure is out of reach.

With eye-popping visuals captured in 4K and 8K, viewers can experience these majestic locales as if they were actually there. Each episode introduces dynamic characters, highlighting their culture and stories, with a deep dive into an authentic perspective. So hitch your wagon to ASCEND Television, and be spellbound every step of the way, as we show what it means to experience true exploration and discover something entirely new!

Our Team

Exceptional talent, creativity and passion to bring amazing stories to the world. 

Production, direction, editing and storytelling our in-house team of professionals take pride in bringing you personal stories of passion and perseverance from the freshest powder ranges from around the world. 

Mark Kristofic

Executive Producer & Director

David Stewart

Camera / Editor

Ernon Schneeberger


Max Gartner


Kelsey Thompson

Production Coordinator

Thomas Kristofic

Camera / Editor

Ian McConachie


Andrew McEwan

Brand Partnerships

Ellie Ziemer

Production Assistant / Social Media

Kaden Wilson

Narrator / Composer

Taylor Welsh


Richard Savage

Location Producer

Zac Hoffman

Camera / Director

Kenneth Peter



Ascend Television

  • To serve a wider audience and produce content at a global scale in paralell nich markets. Ski Television rebrands to becomes Ascend Television

New Global Projects

  • S-MEDIA continues to produce it’s core roots ski programming, as well as developing new global projects around winter sports

Chinese & Global Markets

  • S-MEDIA expands into Chinese and Global markets through co-production agreement with XINHUA/CNC World, the Chinese state broadcaster with sees global growth of  an audience to 108,000,000

Winter Productions

  • S-MEDIA expands into additional winter sport productions including hockey, sliding sports and winter fashion.


  • S-MEDIA is formed and rebrands program asSki Television. S-Media also launches digital and print platforms


  • Program acquired by a private production company and is rebranded as World of Skiing. Distribution is expanded nationally

Ski Base Launches

  • As a ski travel television program in Ontario, Canada, owned by CKVR, a regional television station